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Wario Ware dated in US

Not out until January.

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The Nintendo Wii version of Wario Ware won't be released in the West until after Christmas by the looks of things.

Nintendo has confirmed the game is due out in the US on 15th January, despite showing up as a launch title in Japan, and there's been no official word on a European date.

That's a bit of a shame, as Wario Ware has been widely acclaimed as one of the most exciting of the Wii's early games. Certainly from our experience with it, it rekindles a sense of innovation and hilarity that was sorely lacking from the DS version.

Still, hopefully it won't be long before European Wii consumers will be chopping, balancing, pumping and steering their way through Wario's latest. We'll let you know.

Nintendo Wii itself, of course, is due to launch in Europe on 8th December, following a 19th November US launch.

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