WarioWare: Smooth Moves

All hail Wario

Paying tribute to the original Nintendo anti-hero.

"Anti-heroes" aren't supposed to look like Wario. Anti-heroes aren't really supposed to have preset characteristics at all - the whole point is that they're defined by negation - but in the course of countless Gothic vampire stories and cyberpunk adventures, the role has come to involve certain visual traits. Anti-heroes must be lean, sexy, glowering and little-spoken, with a regulation two days' worth of stubble and a variety of intriguing scars. Their lips must be curling, bleached, sardonic. The eyes? Glowing, slitted, bionic and/or bloodshot. The apparel? Trench coats, mirror shades, knee-high boots, flapping bandages and anything cut from dark leather with sharp angles that smells ever so slightly of S&M.

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

Touched by the hand of Twisted.

Is there no end to WarioWare's effortless appeal? As well as being one of our favourite handheld series of all-time, WarioWare games have also displayed an uncanny knack of perfectly demonstrating fairly abstract control systems in the most intuitive fashion possible.

Small wonder, then, that Smooth Moves arrives so soon after the launch to capitalise - as well as build - on the novelty value of the supremely capable motion sensitive Wii Remote.

Just like the previous four WarioWare titles released over the past four years, you're presented with a series of five-second 'microgames', where you have to respond instantly to the instructions by utilising the controls in an appropriate fashion. With a limited stock of lives at your disposal, you can afford to cock up three times along your way to the inevitable 'boss' encounter, but fail a fourth time and it's back to the start. Succeed, and another madcap series of mini-games unlocks - as usual, based around the adventures of old favourites like the funky Jimmy T, Spitz and 9-Volt.

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WarioWare dated, too

Not long to wait.

Fortunately for anybody smarting from the wait for Excite Truck (16th Feb), Wario Ware: Smooth Moves has now been dated too. It'll be with us on 12th January.

Wario Ware dated in US

Not out until January.

The Nintendo Wii version of Wario Ware won't be released in the West until after Christmas by the looks of things.

As I had chosen the (almost definitely incorrect, when it comes to the matter of time management) plan of playing the Wii games in the order they were presented when walking round the hall in the correct direction, I didn't actually get to this game until after I had played all of the Wii Sports games, and by then I'd become somewhat accustomed to playing using the Wii controller. Despite this, were Nintendo planning on recreating the glory days of consoles being released with a 'pack-in' title, I'd recommend above all it includes WarioWare: Smooth Moves in the box.