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WarioWare dated, too

Not long to wait.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Fortunately for anybody smarting from the wait for Excite Truck (16th Feb), Wario Ware: Smooth Moves has now been dated too. It'll be with us on 12th January.

One of the more impressive Wii titles shown off at E3 and Nintendo's showcase event in London in September, Smooth Moves adapts the "micro-game" set-up of the Game Boy Advance and DS titles to take advantage of the Wii-mote.

As well as twisting the remote to steer a car, you'll pump it to blow up a balloon, hold it on its end to balance an umbrella on your finger, and do all of these things in a quick-fire sequence culminating in a quirky "boss" fight.

Plus of course there are multiplayer modes, with support for up to 12 players on just one controller, apparently.

Look out for a review as soon as possible.

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