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Excite Truck PAL dated

Early next year. Sort of.

Those of you wondering where Excite Truck was at the European launch of Nintendo Wii have your answer: it was being held back until 16th February 2007.

Nintendo's press release today doesn't explain why, but does point out that it will be the company's first racing title for the console, and that it supports custom soundtracks through the use of an SD card.

More interesting, of course, is the way it controls - using the Wii-mote as a sort of handlebar, holding it at both ends and rotating your hands around it as though you were turning a steering wheel.

Those of you who imported the Wii from America needn't wait, mind you, with the game already out over there and receiving reasonable reviews. Don't try and buy it to play on your European console though, as there's a region lock in place.

Look out for a review of Excite Truck on the site quite soon.

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