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ExciteTruck has MP3 option

Listen to your own tracks.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Rumours that Nintendo Wii launch title ExciteTruck allows for custom soundtracks have turned out to be true, with US review copies revealing the option.

All you have to do is insert is put some MP3 files onto an SD Card and then pop the card into the Wii's SD slot before you start up the game.

Then, before a race begins, press the plus-sign on the Wii remote and you're taken to the Sound Options screen, where you can select SD Card and then browse through the first 100 songs stored on the card.

It's possible to choose a specific song, to randomise all shown songs, or, if you can't be bothered, to highlight "Default" to listen to the game's built-in music.

The news that some Wii games will incorporate custom soundtrack options is quite pleasing, and follows on from the practice instigated by Microsoft with Xbox.

We'll let you know if we find out about any others.

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