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Circle of Doom 360 dated

Kingdom Under Fire in 2007.

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Microsoft has said that Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom will be released in Q2 2007 on Xbox 360.

Developed by Blueside under series director Henry Lee, the latest Kingdom Under Fire title is described as "a truly next-generation Action-RPG" - a bit of a departure from its traditional action-strategy mould.

The game's previously been described as closer to Capcom's Devil May Cry than its predecessors. It's known to offer randomly generated dungeons above and below the ground.

Specific Xbox Live details have yet to be revealed, but Microsoft says you'll be able to play alone or recruit up to four team members.

Previously we've heard how the line between single-play and online is more or less gone.

"For instance, as you advance through the game in single-player, other players will enter online, and all of a sudden you will be in multiplayer," said Sangyoun Lee, president of Phantagram, which is publishing the game in Korea.

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