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Circle of Doom gets Euro date

Kingdom Under Fire in February.

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Microsoft has trumpeted that Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom will be out across Europe on 1st February.

It is the best part of a year later than we had previously expected it; presumably developer Blueside felt it needed more time to polish things like four-player co-operative play.

Circle of Doom is an action role-playing game that departs slightly from the strategy (think Dynasty Warriors-like) roots of the series. The idea is to run around and kill things in brutal and glorious fast-paced combat, using combo attacks and fancy special moves to put an end to their wretched lives.

Blueside is also keen to tout its random map generator, which apparently will give you and your friends an endless sea of areas to explore to gain experience and treasure from.

Head over to our Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom gallery to see how it is shaping up, or quest your way to the official website for much more information.

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