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New DS web browser video

See it in action on EGTV.

A new video showing how the Opera web browser will work on the Nintendo DS is now available to view over on Eurogamer TV.

It'll allow DS owners to surf the web whilst near any wireless hotspot using the Wi-Fi Connection service. As you can see in the video, the browser will feature handwriting recognition and a touch screen keyboard.

The voiceover for the video is in Japanese, unfortunately, but basically the bloke's explaining how you can enlarge sections of web pages to view on the top screen, while the touch screen displays a zoomed-out view.

You can open links simply by touching them with the stylus, and change the display options so that the two screens act as one big screen - useful if you're dealing with a text-heavy page.

You can search the contents of the page you're looking at, or of course the whole Internet. And you'll be able to place bookmarks, keep a record of your browsing history, set a password and, for the kiddies like, block unsavoury websites. More information is available from the Opera website.

Opera DS is due to launch in Japan on July 24th, priced ¥3800 (around £18). Nintendo has yet to announce an official release date for Europe, but our top secret industry sources tell us it'll be here by the end of the year.

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