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New Tribes game on the way?

It's certainly a possibility.

GarageGames has clarified reports that there is a new Tribes game in the works - stating that while it's certainly a possibility, nothing's been confirmed as yet.

The rumours began when GarageGames' Tim Aste replied to a poster on the Tribal War forums who asked if there was a new Tribes title on the way. Aste wrote: "Hmm... Might be a good idea to keep your eyes open around the GarageGames booth at GDC 2006. Never know what kinda things might be shown off..."

Cue a flurry of excitement amongst Tribes fans - but now Aste's done a more extensive Q&A with Tribal War which clears things up a bit. It turns out GarageGames won't be previewing a new Tribes game at GDC, just a playable tech demo which will later be released publicly.

However, he's not ruling out the chance of a new Tribes title entirely: "This is one possibility we are heavily considering at this time. Given the right circumstances and interest in what we put out there this is definitely a path that we could go down," Aste said.

"There are a lot of factors which may or may not be obvious that come into play with this sort of thing really. GarageGames has grown significantly over the last two years and can finally begin approaching these sort of projects with a genuine interest of making them a reality, but we do a lot of things different here. Things need to match up right for us to be able to take a new project on no matter what it is."

So there you have it - there won't be a new Tribes game on show at GDC 2006 after all, but who knows what next year will bring...

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