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LMA 2007 on PS2/360/PC

Full season data, new shots.

Codemasters' LMA Manager is set to return with full data for the 2006/2007 season when it launches on PC, Xbox 360 and PS2 in late September.

PC and Xbox 360 fans keeping their eyes on this one will need to adjust their focus slightly - after an extended spell in development, the first next-gen/PC release will be called LMA Manager 2007.

Originally the plan was to follow last November's release of LMA Manager 2006 on PS2 and Xbox with updated versions of that for console - so in effect this is what you were keeping your eyes on anyway, and the PS2 version is a new addition to the line-up.

LMA 2007 will retain the series' traditional, user-friendly interface, and as well as full season data for 2006/2007 (assuming there even is a 2006/2007 season in Italy), we'll also see an update to the 3D match engine - something Codies sees as "a defining game element".

The next-gen version will include normal mapping, parallax mapping and realistic lighting effects, and 360 owners will indeed be able to play alone in widescreen at 720p progressive, as expected. You'll be able to keep an eye on the games in real time, too, reacting to decisions as they happen.

On top of that, thanks to the increased power of the PC and 360 platforms, match histories on those versions will be maintained for up to 20 seasons.

Anyway, glad we've got that straightened. To celebrate our lack of confusion, Codies has also released new screenshots of both the PC and 360 versions.