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Gears of War to do a million?

S'what Microsoft reckons.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft is predicting that Gears of War, which goes on sale in Europe today, will accumulate sales of more than one million copies worldwide this Christmas, and become the fastest-selling original game for Xbox 360 in the process.

Gears is already the most played Xbox 360 title on Xbox Live, according to Microsoft's stats, and in Europe in particular - where Nintendo Wii is still three weeks away and PlayStation 3 isn't out until March - the game's likely to be one of the most recognisable symbols of the next generation this festive period.

Those of you heading out to the shops to make Microsoft's Christmas dream come true will be able to pick between a regular edition of the game or a special double-thick tin-box version featuring a dinky art book and a bonus disc featuring some trailers and making-of material.

Obviously on the Gears front we thought the single-player was a pretty handsome devil, and will be bringing you our thoughts on the multiplayer later. We're also reviewing something else involving guns today, so stick around.

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