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Twilight War back on track

MMO gets new lease of life.

Smiling Gator Productions, the studio behind MMORPG and first-person shooter hybrid Twilight War: After the Fall, has announced that the project is back on track following new investment.

Twilight War, which was one of the first titles to be developed using Valve's Source Engine, was cancelled last December after development funding ran out. But now IT company General Computers has sub-licensed the Source engine as part of plans to enter the development market.

According to Smiling Gator's Matt Simmons, writing on IGN, "It soon became clear that lots of people genuinely thought Twilight War was a great concept and wanted to find a way to keep it alive. There was an outpouring of support from our loyal community, and even new business inquiries, almost as much as when things were alive and well."

"The net result is that, After the Fall of Twilight War, there is now a plan for its resurrection. We are very pleased to announce that Smiling Gator has concluded an agreement to license the Twilight War concept and sub-license Valve's Source engine to a new partner company, General Computers, to fund and continue development on our behalf."

Forums on the Twilight War website remain closed for the time being, but Smiling Gator has pledged to keep supporters up to date with news of the game's progress.