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Football Manager PSP/360 dated

Taking to the pitch in April.

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SEGA's announced that Football Manager will be released on PSP and Xbox 360 on April 13th.

Better - the PSP version, Football Manager Handheld, will have squad sizes of 36, an increase over the previously planned 30. Hopefully good enough to stop Nicky Butt storming off home to eat some porridge and moan about how he's been rubbish ever since he stopped playing with Roy Keane next to him.

As for the Xbox 360 one, which goes by Football Manager 2006, developer Sports Interactive's built in Xbox Live features including the facility to export saved teams and compete in 16-team knockouts or 8-team league competitions.

On top of that, there's the prospect of earning some of the 360's trademark Gamerpoints for things like signing your first player or "doing an Arsenal" in the league and going unbeaten for ages.

Plus, of course, both games feature all the January signings, so, if you have the PC one as well, you can now measure just how useless all that tat Harry Redknapp bought turned out to be.

We'll be taking a closer look at both of the new FMs in due course.

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