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SEGA wants your face

For Football Manager 2006.

SEGA has announced plans to run the 'Face in the Game' competition once again - giving you the chance to see your very own head on the shoulders of a player in Football Manager 2006.

Visit the Sports Interactive website to submit your photograph, but be sure to read the rules first as there are a few restrictions - your pic can't feature any team colours, for example.

Also, since the footballers in the game are generally aged between 18-22, only photos of people who fall into that age range will be accepted as players. However, there's still hope if you're a young pup or an old codger, since you could appear in the game as a coach or a physio.

SEGA has also released some more screenshots and details of the game, including news that enhanced tactical options mean you now have even more choices when it comes to deciding how your team behaves. You can even encourage time wasting, if that's the way you want to play it.

There's a new formation panel on the match screen, which features live updates so you can keep a constant eye on both teams' line-ups without having to pause the match. There's also a new Snapshot screen that gives you an overview of everything from fixtures and team stats to budgets and contracts.

Speaking of the latter, the new virtual player contracts feature allows you to offer deals to 'Virtual' players generated for teams playing outside the football pyramid in the lower leagues, or in your reserve or junior teams, and therefore give them a chance to step out into the limelight.

You'll also receive man of the match news items to keep you informed of your rising stars, and key highlights are now instantly replayed for those managers who want to fine tune their players' performance to perfection.

And finally, we're promised loads of new licenses, which means more real life kits in FM2006 than in any previous Sports Interactive football title.

Football Manager 2006 is out on PC this November.