Football Manager 2006


SI discusses Football Manager piracy

"I'd love to have no DRM on our games."

SEGA acquires Sports Interactive

Football Manager's coming home.

Football Manager PSP/360 dated

Taking to the pitch in April.

SI discusses Football Manager piracy

"I'd love to have no DRM on our games."

SEGA acquires Sports Interactive

Football Manager's coming home.

Football Manager PSP/360 dated

Taking to the pitch in April.

FM 2006 demo, new features

Moving the goalposts.

Feature | Football Manager 2006

Miles Jacobson on the Xbox 360 version.

FM 2006's new features

Jan dealings will be in free patch.

SEGA wants your face

For Football Manager 2006.

FM 2006 for PC and PSP!

New features, another platform.