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Mizuguchi DOESN'T want to web-chat with you

Not today I'm afraid! Soon.

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Yesterday we invited you all to come back and talk to Lumines and Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi at lunchtime. Unfortunately, the PR firm setting it up tells us that he can't join us today and needs to reschedule.

Yes yes - we're having to slip our web-chat due to the need for further development.

So, sorry about that. Feel free to continue posing questions though so that when it does happen, we can start off with them rather than waiting for one of you to happen upon a moment of sanity, which might otherwise hold us up further.

We'll post details on the site very soon of when Mizuguchi's joining us, but we might wait until he's actually sat at a PC with a keyboard in front of him next time. Tsk.

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