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Resi Evil Wii named

Plus Devil Kings, more.

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Amongst the many titles shown off in Japan at Nintendo's Wii unveiling earlier today was a new Resident Evil title called Umbrella Chronicles.

Briefly trailed in this week's Famitsu, Biohazard: Umbrella Chronicles (Japanese name) is being produced by Masachika Kawata, whose previous work includes porting Resident Evil 4 to PS2.

You may remember Capcom having mentioned the Wii Resi title previously of course - in May, the company said it would "combine the series' intense gaming experience and atmosphere with the revolutionary control system of the Wii", but didn't go into much more detail.

And it's still not going into much detail - other than to say it's an action game, and it will make use of the Wii remote control. Which is a bit like pointing out that the sky is blue.

Speaking of which, Forever Blue was another new entry on the list of titles in development for Wii. It's an underwater diving game, apparently, which Nintendo is working on, and like Umbrella Chronicles it made a brief appearance on a video showreel.

Another title you might not have heard much about is Hajimete no Wii, which IGN translates to "Starting Out With Wii". Appropriately it's among the console's 16 launch titles, comes bundled with a Wii remote, and consists of nine mini-games - including the Duck Hunt look-alike and table tennis game glimpsed in previous trailers for the console.

Edit: Finally, separate reports from Japan suggest that Capcom plans to bring the next Devil Kings game to Wii in addition to PS2, although no further details were announced.

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