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Rise of Legends patched

New map too.

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Big Huge Games has made biggish, hugeish changes to Rise of Legends with a new 2.0 patch, which also includes a new four-player multiplayer map called Inferno.

Inferno's described as a once-blissful refuge for the Fallen, which somebody or something decided to torch, resulting in searing multiplayer plains. Details and shots are on the official site.

Not that RoL fans will need to head there to find out - 2.0 is an automatic update, so you should simply be able to log into the game and take a peek.

When you do you'll also discover that BHG has made quite a few balance changes and added a few multiplayer features, as well as sorting out some of those pesky bugs still flapping around its code.

For complete patch notes, hit the Big Huge website.

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