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EGTV: Video round-up

The best television in website.

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It's almost the weekend. Which, given the sore heads sported today by certain members of the Eurogamer team after sister site' summer party last night, can't come soon enough.

But before we depart in search of dark suburban rooms or bright city lights, let's recap on the best video delights broadcast this week on Eurogamer TV.

In an exclusive interview with EGTV, Midway big cheese David Zucker came out in support of Sony's under-fire Blu-ray next-gen DVD format, while also discussing key upcoming games like the stunning Stranglehold, co-created with John Woo.

The purists' beat-'em-up champion, Virtua Fighter 5, flexes its shiny high-definition muscles on PlayStation 3 in a new trailer from Sega, while the Japanese publisher provides PC owners with a fresh glimpse of Creative Assembly's latest strategy epic, Medieval II: Total War.

Other next-gen treats this week include a detailed walkthrough of Bioware's tantalising Xbox 360 RPG Mass Effect, and a showcase movie of Atari's 360 racer Test Drive Unlimited, illustrating the Saleen.

Meanwhile, Activision delivers three sexy clips from PS3 and 360 war shooter Call of Duty 3, showing off Tank Ride, Church Tower and Close Quarters gameplay.

Finally, a little Eastern flavour to round the week off, with the face-smashing, deified digits of Capcom PS2 fighter God Hand, and mass medieval mutilation as Dynasty Warriors Online heads to PC.

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