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Shadow of the Colossus darkens

I.e. we've got a date for it.

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Shadow of the Colossus, the game we've all decided is the spiritual successor to ICO, will be released on PS2 in Japan this October 27th according to Famitsu quoting Sony Japan.

However, reports from the likes of IGN suggest we'll see an English-language release even earlier than that. Sony America had previously suggested the game would launch there in September, and now the date September 20th is being bandied around, which would be terrific news for importers. Sony's European arm quotes a Q1 2006 date.

Retailers across the pond in the US seem to be speculating on an October release too, however, with GameStop in particular pegging it back to October 3rd.

Shadow, which made a pretty decent impression on us at E3 this year, sees a lone hero fighting enormous monsters - the Colossi - that are so large they often have to be scaled like actual platform game levels in order to conquer them.

It also features lots of horseriding, a fantastic score (from what we could make out over the noises of E3, anyway) and visuals filtered in a manner that gives it a soft-edged look - as if little tears were glazing over your eyes with every wiggle of the stick.

We'll bawl ourselves to death with it later this year for your entertainment. Promise.

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