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Tetris 360 this year

Says block down the pub.

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An Xbox 360 version of Tetris will arrive before the end of this year, a THQ spokesperson's told IGN.

Last week we heard in a financial report that THQ had settled its legal differences with The Tetris Company and planned to release something for 360 outside of Japan.

THQ has experience in this area, of course, having released Tetris Worlds on Xbox among other platforms.

Which has absolutely nothing to do with this but fills in another line of what's realistically a four-word story.

Anyway, THQ hasn't said much about its plans for Tetris 360, but it wouldn't be too surprising to see the game form part of Live Arcade - already a haven for retro-fits with the likes of Robotron 2084 and, soon, Street Fighter II and a raft of Namco arcade titles among others.

Obviously we'll bring you more on Tetris 360 as it, er, falls into place.

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