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Halo surprises this week?

Original game's anniversary.

Bungie has hinted at a big Halo surprise in the next week.

With the original Xbox game's fifth anniversary set to pass, the developer's weekly website update promised "pretty BIG surprises and maybe announcements".

Recent weeks have seen quite a lot of Halo movement, with two bundles of leaked preview information, and the news that the Halo film has been postponed.

Bungie also paid tribute to fellow developers Epic Games after the US launch last week of Gears of War.

Praising its "amazing art, music, audio and gameplay", the Halo team said "it's a violent, gory blast and is apparently the only thing folks on my Friends List are playing".

They also said well done to UK-based Rare, whose Viva Piñata also came out in the US last week, with a European release pencilled in for 1st December.

All of which is fine and well, but when's your game coming out Bungie? Eh?