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PSP heads to Bliss Island

Or vice versa.

Codemasters is set to bring Pompom Software's Bliss Island PC game to PlayStation Portable this winter, adding wireless multiplayer modes to the popular mini-game compilation.

Bliss has been available via web-portals like www.funsta.com for a while - and there's a trial version there for those of you curious enough to look into it.

Like that game, the PSP version features a large number of mini-games - over 80 says Codies - with simple controls, like Fruit Slam Dunk where the idea is to bounce fruit into the mouth of a monster. Other examples include saving flowers from swarms of aphids, and smashing boulders to pieces.

The best way to get an idea of how it works is to try out the PC version, which runs through RealArcade, or you can check out some screenshots of the PSP version.