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Metroid: Zero Mission movies

Not long until it's out, either...

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With Metroid: Zero Mission due out in April on Game Boy Advance (and even sooner in the US), Nintendo's promotional machine is starting to purr into life. Well, I say purr, but due to lack of use it's more of a guttural choking noise these days.

Still, it has at least thrown up a tetralogy of QuickTime movies at this stage - available here - showing off some of Samus' more interesting abilities; freezing enemies to use as platforms, swinging around environments and taking on a couple of worm-like, screen-filling enemies.

Metroid: Zero Mission has been a peculiar little beast since its low-key unveiling at last year's E3 - in movie form on a couple of monitors in the corner of Nintendo's massive booth. As far as we know it's based loosely on the original NES maps, rather than the slightly more obvious straight sequel to Metroid Fusion.

Still, any excuse to play Metroid is greatly appreciated, and this writer at least will be weighing up the difficult question of whether or not to import it from the US next month, or wait for Nintendo UK to sort itself out in April. Decisions, decisions...

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