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Vampiric delights for Oblivion

Vile Lair expansion announced.

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Bethesda is throwing more content into the world of Oblivion this week, this time focusing on the night walker community with a secret underwater lair for those afflicted with vampirism.

A safe haven for the victims of porphyric haemophilia, the Vile Lair will include a human cattle pen to allow players to satiate their thirst for the red stuff, as well as a botanical bounty of dark flora such as the notorious Chokeberry.

The multi-level cavern, apparently once the home of one of the most notorious vampires of olden time, Greywyn Blenwyth, also includes a shrine to Sithis which will heal your diseases and afflictions. If you fancy, you can also hire a Dark Minion, who will head out and find you some cash in what Bethesda describes as "a most unseemly manner".

If you're tired of chewing on necks and avoiding the sun's glare, there's also something known as the "font of renewal", promising the ability to purge yourself of vampirism without the need to undertake that enormously lengthy quest to find rare ingredients and dark soul gems. If only they'd released this sooner...

Like the majority of early add-ons for the game, Vile Lair will roll out at US$ 1.89 or 150 Microsoft Points for the Xbox 360 version. All being well, it should be available on both platforms from tomorrow. May the shadows hide you, etc, etc.

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