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Sony hints at SingStore prices

No more expensive than iTunes.

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Sony has revealed a few more snippets of info regarding SingStar PS3 - including news of how much we'll have to pay to download tracks via the new SingStore service.

As previously announced, SingStar PS3 will let you download all the songs featured in the PS2 games plus selections from an ever-growing catalogue of new tracks. They're still keeping quiet on exactly how much each one will cost, but have confirmed that you won't have to pay any more than you would for a track purchased from iTunes - i.e., 79p.

Sony has also previously stated that the game will ship with shiny new silver microphones, and it turns out they'll be much more high tech than the red and blues we're used to - meaning they'll be more sensitive to the nuances of your voice, so rubbish singers are in trouble. You'll be able to purchase wireless microphones, too, if you so desire.

SingStar PS3 is due to launch alongside Sony's new console on November 17th.

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