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Capcom unveils Lost Planet, exclusive to Xbox 360

See the trailer on Eurogamer TV.

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Capcom and Microsoft have jointly announced the development of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for Xbox 360, a science-fiction-themed third-person shooter due for release in winter 2006 in Japan.

Along with screenshots, Capcom released a trailer comprising a mixture of in-game and cinematic sequences. As well as being the first public footage of the game, the three-minute trailer is the first to be made available through our brand new streaming video service, Eurogamer TV, which launches in beta form today. You can stream the trailer from our website without having to download any new software, and we'll obviously be very pleased if you do because we want to see how the system copes with your interest.

Lost Planet puts players in the role of a character modelled on 35-year-old South Korean actor Lee Byung-hun, who appeared at the game's unveiling alongside executive producer Keiji Inafune. It's an approach similar to the one Capcom took with Onimusha 3, where French actor Jean Reno's likeness was used for one of the main characters. Byung-hun's as-yet unnamed character in Lost Planet is seeking revenge for the murder of his father at the hands of his freezing planet's dominant force, the Eecrid.

His struggle will often put him behind the controls of gigantic, heavily armed mechanised walkers, and in early footage of the game he's seen fighting against squid-like monsters and other flying beasts, appearing to target his enemies while stomping in other directions.

Lost Planet will draw on the power of the Xbox 360 to create the seamless tundra that provides the backdrop to Byung-hun's mission - the game's single-player campaign - while his efforts will be punctuated by highly detailed CG cut-scenes that make the most of his likeness.

Capcom is also planning several multiplayer modes, including team-based affairs, that take advantage of Xbox Live.

On the development side, Capcom revealed that Kenji Ohguro, whose previous experience includes design roles on Onimusha 1 and 3, is the game's lead designer. Ohguro will share direction duties with Shin Kurosawa, who scripted the game, while Keiji Inafune of Onimusha and Resident Evil fame will executive-produce and Jun Takeuchi is also involved as producer.

Lost Planet is Capcom's second Xbox 360-exclusive announcement - the other being Dead Rising, a Dawn of the Dead-inspired shopping centre zombie hack-a-thon under the direction of Keiji Inafune - and, as you've probably spotted, its announcement was timed to coincide with the launch of Xbox 360 in Japan on Saturday.

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