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Half-Life 2: Aftermath slips

Who didn't see that coming.

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Valve's admitted that Half-Life 2 expansion pack Aftermath won't be with us until early 2006.

Speaking to fan-site, Doug Lombardi wrote: "Just wanted to give you a quick update on Aftermath, specifically its ETA. We're working very hard to finish this new episode for HL2, however, it's going to take us a bit more time to get it into top shape. As such, the target release for this one is now Feb/March of next year."

Bah, meh, grr, etc.

Aftermath sees Gordon Freeman and Alyx return, and the expansion begins as their actions at the end of Half-Life 2 actually unfold. In the words of Valve's Robin Walker, speaking in June of this year, "the Citadel is about to give up the ghost in such a way that anyone left in the city will be killed."

Still, at least Aftermath's delay will give us more time to enjoy the delights of The Lost Coast, recently released on Steam, and Half-Life 2 on Xbox, which comes out next week. Which is compensation in the same way that "a new hat" is when your house burns down.

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