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Sly has 3D specs

We'll try 'em next week and bring you some back.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sucker Punch has come up with a novel way to give Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves (But No "U" Within Honor) something over its excellent predecessors. The game will make use of 3D glasses for specific missions and mini-games.

The 3D specs (wait, are we meant to call them "3-D" like in Hollywood?) have red and cyan lenses, while the TV image strips out the red from the blue/green component, so each eye sees a different image and when merged they create the illusion of three dimensions.

Sucker Punch plans to use the technique so that it's easier for Sly to navigate moving laser beams, and there'll also be some puzzles and power-ups that take advantage of the specs. Although they won't be a central component of the game as we understand it, they will become more important later on.

The developer plans to show off a playable version of Sly 3 at the E3 trade show next week, complete with the fairly goofy 3D specs, which will apparently be handed out to the crowds. There's a pic of them on IGN. And yes, that was the first time we've ever used "goofy" in a sentence. [Liar -Ed]

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