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Kao knocks out PSP

Atari doing the Kanga.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Kao Challengers is coming to the PSP in October, Atari has announced, with the French publisher delivering a dollop of jolly platform-adventuring featuring everyone's favourite Kangaroo hero (maybe).

Developed by Tate Interactive, Kao Challengers tasks the yellow kanger with bounding around 25 levels in an attempt to save the animal world –well, six parts of the animal world, anyway- from the obviously evil hunter, Barnaba, and his almost-as-evil henchmen.

Naturally this means bouncing around, smacking people with his tail, and (can you guess what it is yet?) using a boomerang. Obviously.

The hairy antipodean comes with extra 'help' in the shape of a firefly and a parrot, and can get around using a number of transport vehicles such as a snowboard, a catapult, a pelican, a water barrel and a motorboat.

A multiplayer mode will be available, with Wi-fi gaming for up to four players across challenges including racing modes and platform-deathmatch, undertaken with an arsenal of bombs, fire flamers, missiles and more.

Kao Challengers is being lined up for an October release in Europe.

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