Kao Challengers

Kao Challengers

Kao Challengers

You won't wallaby playing this for long.

The PSP is a delightful machine. A bit fat round the hips and sporting an ungainly bottom, perhaps, but nevertheless you wouldn't kick it out of bed. However, as a games console, one would be hard-pushed to say the PSP has been given a chance to really shine; recent games have been underwhelming, to say the least.

Kao the Kangaroo (released in 2001 on PC and Dreamcast) on the other hand, was not delightful. It was a clichéd, hard-to-control me-too platformer that was eminently forgettable and indeed forgotten. The sequel - released to zero fanfare last April - fared little better. Introducing such a poor platformer with the PSP's desperately underperforming Winterval line-up, is a match made in "Meh".

So, how is Kao Challengers, as compared to its generically bad prequel? Well, it's a generically awful sequel lacking in intelligent design. The PSP needs a great platformer about now, but this is in no way it.

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Kao knocks out PSP

Atari doing the Kanga.

Kao Challengers is coming to the PSP in October, Atari has announced, with the French publisher delivering a dollop of jolly platform-adventuring featuring everyone's favourite Kangaroo hero (maybe).