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EA announces Oddworld Stranger date

Inhabiting 2005, it seems. Oddly. (Don't call me Odd Lee.)

Electronic Arts has confirmed that Oddworld Inhabitants next title, Oddworld Stranger, which is picked up the rights to last month, will debut on PS2 and Xbox next spring.

The post-Munch's Odyssey title, which is now multi-format as opposed to Xbox-only as it was under the terms of Microsoft's exclusivity agreement (the deal that helped coin the term "money hat", fact fans), sees the player don the heavy weaponry of 'Stranger', a "rough and tumble bounty hunter who tracks down outlaws for moolah".

It's also "the first game that has been an enjoyable experience for me to work on throughout the entire production" according to Oddworld Inhabitants top banana Lorne Lanning, which certainly bodes well.

You can read more about Oddworld Stranger in our preview from t'other month here.