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WOW Christmas is coming

The orcs are getting fat.

Now that the festive season is well and truly upon us, Blizzard has announced that a wide range of Christmas treats are in store for World of Warcraft players.

Only it's not called Christmas in Azeroth - it's the Feast of the Winter Veil, don't you know. And instead of Santa Claus, you can expect to find "Greatfather Winter" spreading his holiday cheer throughout the land from December 15th - January 2nd.

All of Azeroth's major cities will be decked out with Christmas - sorry, Feast of the Winter Veil - decorations, and the "Jinglepocket Goblins" will be selling seasonal fare such as winter ale, sweeties, gingerbread cookie recipes. And mistletoe, so you can finally make it with that hot lady night elf with the huge ears who's actually a 14 year old Swede called Arnold.

There will be two quest lines available - one which will be familiar to those who spent last Christmas in Azeroth, and a brand new one that tasks you with saving a lost reindeer.

You can expect to find goblin devices, each containing a "small surprise", littered throughout the land, and the inns will be full of revellers making merry and trying to remember the lyrics to Fairytale of New York. Possibly. Kissing one of the revellers will earn you a piece of magical mistletoe and holly.

Engineers will be able to construct snowball makers, and you can have proper snowball fights with all your chums. Plus you can send them presents, all nicely wrapped in proper Christmas paper.

And finally, you'll be able to turn your mount into a reindeer for the festive season - and yourself into a real snowman, if you complete a special quest.

So there you have it - sounds like WOW players are in for a very merry Feast of the Winter Veil indeed.