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Blade Dancer RPG for PSP

Spiky hair? Check.

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Sony's announced another PlayStation Portable RPG. Another, you ask? Well yes. You haven't heard of Popolocrois? BOF3? Tales of Eternia? All those other ones? Jeez. Pay attention. Jerk.

Anyway, the new one is called Blade Dancer: Sennen no Yakusoku (Thousand Year Promise - thanks IGN), and features anime-style visuals and movie sequences and four-player network play (probably ad-hoc), and is in development at a small indie studio called Hit Maker - not to be confused with the SEGA studio of the same name.

Although details on Blade Dancer are relatively thin, there's a teaser site showing off a chap with the requisite blue spiky hair, and a sad-looking red-haired lass who is probably a princess. We understand that the player-character's called Shane, and that he links up with a young lady called Ferris.

It doesn't sound like a random-battles affair, but there will be cut-aways for combat - when you make contact with enemy icons on the world map, you'll be thrust into battle. On top of that, there's a Crafting System that allows you to combine items - and it sounds like you can concoct your own special mixtures depending on the recipes you've acquired.

The full game's out on March 2nd in Japan. If Sony announces any sort of plan to do it here or in the US, we'll let you know.

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