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No WoW for consoles

At least not for the time being.

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World of Warcraft developer Blizzard has confirmed that there are no plans to bring the popular PC MMORPG to consoles in the near future.

"While there is an interest [from console makers] and while that sounds cool to us, we're not going down that road at this time," VP of business operations Paul Sams told CNN.

"Once we get to the point where we feel we've achieved best of class and it's sustainable... Then we'll start contemplating those types of things."

Sams' comments echo those made to our sister site back in June when he explained the developer's decision not to do an Xbox 360 version of WoW.

"World of Warcraft was really built with a focus on PC, and while I think it certainly could get to Xbox, it's not something that at this moment we've decided to do," he said.

"As it relates to [Xbox 360], it would require certain input devices - you know, a keyboard are a mouse. Those are things that are not standard, they're peripherals, and peripherals have historically not done well for any of the console companies unless you're talking about additional controllers or memory cards."

That's not to say it'll never happen, Sams went on, just not right now: "We're exploring it, we're listening, we're talking, however, we've not made any decision to go in that direction at this point."

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