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Halo 3 documentary coming

The making of the trailer.

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In amongst news of all the latest "banhammering" of Halo 2 cheaters, Bungie's latest weekly update notes that we should soon see the release of a documentary detailing the making of the Halo 3 trailer shown off at E3.

"Some of our sharp-eyed fans may have noticed Marty [O'Donnell, composer] hinted at an upcoming documentary on

"It was supposed to be a surprise, but since the man himself gave it away, we can in fact reveal that we have a documentary short that shows the process and people involved in making the E3 trailer, complete with some never before seen scenes (think angles, really) from the trailer. This was the goodie I had hinted at in a previous update."

We'll let you know when it's out - and we wouldn't be too surprised to see it on Xbox Live Marketplace at some point either.

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