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EGTV: Tetsuya Mizuguchi

The full interview.

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From SEGA Rally, Space Channel 5 and Rez to Lumines, ex-SEGA development hero Tetsuya Mizuguchi can lay claim to having produced some of the most artistically captivating as well as downright enjoyable video games during his 16-year stint in the industry.

Now chief creative officer at independent studio Q Entertainment, Mizuguchi continues to operate at the cutting edge of digital entertainment, working with Phantagram to deliver sword-swinging romp Ninety-Nine Nights onto 360 and a new version of compulsive puzzler Lumines for Xbox Live.

Speaking to Eurogamer TV in an exclusive interview now showing, which we've been trailing in the last week, Mizuguchi looks back on his career, telling us why he got into games in the first place, what SEGA Rally taught him about making entertainment with global appeal, describes his experiences of working with some of the biggest music stars in the business, and also what on Earth that dodgy Rez vibration controller was all about.

On what ultimately inspires him to create, Mizuguchi revealed: "I'm always chasing very basic human instincts. Games should be entertainment - drama, music, acting, interaction. Games should be global entertainment - no borders and no limits; no techological limits, too."

You can check out the full interview right now on EGTV.

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