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DMC3 special edition details

But will it make it to Europe?

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Capcom has unveiled a new special edition version of Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening - but the bad news is that it's only down for a US release so far.

DMC3 SE will feature loads of additional content, including an extra playable character - namely Dante's evil twin, Vergil, who has his own special "Dark Slayer" fighting style. There's also a new enemy in the shape of Jester. You might recognise him from cutscenes, but now he's a fully fledged in-game boss.

New game features will include the Turbo Option, which ramps up the game's speed by 20 per cent, and two continue options - you can either use yellow orbs to restart from the last checkpoint, or new gold orbs, which let you restart from the place where you died.

We're promised "more balanced gameplay" thanks to adjusted difficulty levels - there are five options to choose from, including the new Very Hard mode. There's also a new Bloody Palace Mode, which sees you trying to survive in the face of hordes of enemies, and Movie Mode, which allows you to watch unlocked cutscenes either individually or all strung together.

American DMC fans will be able to pick up the SE from January 24 for just $19.95. A Capcom spokesperson told Eurogamer there are currently "no plans" to release the special edition in Europe, unfortunately.

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