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New Worms 4 trailer, details

Guns. Lots thereof.

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A new trailer for Worms 4: Mayhem, due out on PC, PS2 and Xbox this summer, is now available on Eurofiles.

Publisher Codemasters has also revealed some of the new weapons we can expect to see in the game, including our personal favourite - the Inflatable Scouser.

Simply fire him off and he'll wander across the terrain to meet his target worm, before grabbing it, inflating himself and floating up to a set height - or until he collides with something. The Scouser will then explode and the worm will fall, losing some health points if it hits the ground - and all of them if it ends up in drink.

Then there's the Starburst Rocket, which sounds not unlike the excellent Super Sheep of previous games - strap your worm to a rocket, fly him around till he finds a target and then zoom in for a huge explosion that'll blow any nearby enemies sky high.

The Fatkins Strike involves sending a big chubby missile in to cause huge craters and general carnage, while Flood will unleash storm clouds and torrential rains, drowning any worms who are too close to the water.

Poison Arrow explodes into a cloud of poisonous gas, causing worms in the local area to vomit their guts up, and Sentry Gun protects your territory against enemies on the move. Plus there's a Sniper Rifle for picking off opponents from a safe distance.

If all those aren't enough to satisfy your appetite for mass destruction, you can always design and build your own devices in the all-new Weapons Factory.

But don't go thinking you can just invent the atom bomb and be done with it - you only get a certain number of points to divide up between each weapon's specifications. So if you select a Homing feature, for example, you'll have less points to spend on the amount of Damage the weapon causes.

You can design everything from special grenades and guns to tailored air strikes and unique projectiles, and optional components include monkeys, hamsters and buckets of sick. Marvellous.

Worms 4: Mayhem is out on July 29.

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