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Tomb Raider PC demo

Plus, it's heading to Cube.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eidos has released a playable PC demo of Crystal Dynamics' new Tomb Raider game, featuring what sounds like the opening level, which is set in Bolivia.

The 476MB demo is available direct from Eidos' website or through mirrors and requires DirectX 9 to run.

Eidos has also confirmed to IGN that Tomb Raider: Legend will be appearing on GameCube after all later this year, although not in time to launch alongside the other versions, obviously.

North American CEO Bill Gardner said, "our new management team believes that the Nintendo platforms have been neglected and that the platforms provide a great opportunity for Tomb Raider to gain exposure to a new audience."

The publisher is currently "currently evaluating ship dates for the fall of 2006".

Gamers on other platforms won't have to wait that long though, as Tomb Raider: Legend is due out on PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC this Friday, April 7th.

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