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State of Emergency 2 details

PSP version on the way, too.

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SouthPeak Interactive has announced that it has picked up the publishing rights to State of Emergency 2 - and revealed that a PSP version is in the works, too.

SOE2, the sequel to Rockstar's 2002 street brawler, was originally down as a PS2 exclusive and was to be published by Playlogic. It's being produced by DC Studios after the original developer, VIS Entertainment, went bankrupt.

We're promised that SOE2 will be "grittier and more realistic" than the previous games, but rest assured that our old friends Spanky, MacNeil and Bull will be back. The game will feature aerial and vehicular combat along with "hilarious cheats", apparently, and you'll be able to control gangs and interrogate hostages as you attempt to bring down evil government organisation, "The Corporation".

State of Emergency 2 is due out on PS2 in March, with the PSP version following next autumn.

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