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New Bladestorm details, shots

Next-generation mega battles.

KOEI has confirmed that the Omega Force-developed Bladestorm: Hundred Years War is due out on PlayStation 3 next year, released some screenshots and spoken in detail about how the game will work.

Similar in some senses to existing games like Dynasty Warriors, Bladestorm pitches the player into the medieval conflict between English and French armies known as the Hundred Years War, with characters including Joan of Arc and Prince Edward popping up in places. Naturally KOEI's promising "countless numbers of men" converging on-screen at once.

Your job as a rogue commander will be to marshal your mercenary forces in battle against both sides on a stage by stage basis, varying your battlefield strategy to achieve objectives using everything from infantry, archers and cavalry to elephant riders, cannons and siege specialists. Depending on how well you do as a leader, a larger force will rally to your cause in subsequent battles.

Look out for more details, presumably including multiplayer, as development continues.