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Black Hawk Down trailer

For the PS2 version.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A new trailer for the PS2 version of NovaLogic's first-person shooter Delta Force - Black Hawk Down is now available on Eurofiles.

The game is being developed by Rebellion with a little help from some ex-Special Operations soldiers. It's based on actual missions undertaken as part of Operation Restore Hope, which the US army launched in Somalia in 1993.

Along with a single player mission mode and split-screen co-op, the game will feature online play for up to 32 players, with 25 maps and 7 different game types. We're promised detailed environments, realistic rag doll physics and superb cutscenes courtesy of the Asura game engine.

Delta Force - Black Hawk Down is due out on PS2 and Xbox later this year. You can see some screenshots of the PS2 version here.

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