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Halo 3 at MS conference?

More trailer talk.

While Halo 3's often been linked with next Tuesday's Microsoft press conference, IGN now claims that it's confirmed that the game will be shown off in video form.

Citing "independent sources who recently spoke with Microsoft executives", IGN promises a two-minute-long Halo 3 trailer for Xbox 360.

Given the extraordinary success of Halo and its sequel on Xbox 1, it'd be hardly surprising if Microsoft planned to use the game to spearhead its push against this year's rival next-gen console launches - although the company is unlikely to offer any real confirmation until Tuesday.

What's very likely though is that any Halo 3 trailer will also appear on Xbox Live Marketplace - Microsoft having already said it will put videos, news and E3 game demos on there during the show.

Speculation as to Halo 3's nature and release date have been rife for ages, as you well know. Bill Gates once claimed PS3 would walk smack-bang into it at launch, although his fellow executives later walked back his comments, suggesting that it'll be done when Bungie says it is and no sooner.

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We'll bring you coverage of Microsoft's pre-E3 conference as it happens next Tuesday.