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UT2007 re-dated

The clue's in the title.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Midway has confirmed that Unreal Tournament 2007 is due out in, er, 2007.

Speaking to GameSpot, the publisher admitted that while the hotly tipped first-person shooter has been variously stuck with "2006" and then "winter 2006" targets, Midway currently expects it to come out "in the first half of 2007".

That certainly seems to put to death any lingering rumours that the PlayStation 3 version will make it out alongside the console on November 17th. Although who knows, since apparently the next-gen versions "have yet to be tagged with an exact ship date".

Midway's also coy about the possibility of an Xbox 360 version. Originally the publisher said it planned to release on PC, PS3 and 360, but it's walked back the sentiment recently and now refuses to confirm the 360 version's existence.

Whatever the story, the key fact is that Unreal Tournament 2007 won't be with us until the name suggests it's appropriate. Although those with an Epic Games fixation can always check out Gears of War instead, since that's due out on Xbox 360 this year.

On a related note, we're still waiting to find out what that "big announcement" Epic's Mark Rein notified his forum about is, but it's expected this week. Stay tuned then.

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