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New World open beta dates announced, new trailer released

Not long now.

New World's open beta runs from 9th to 12th September, Amazon Games has announced.

The MMO launches proper on 28th September.

Amazon Games also launched a new trailer, below:

Cover image for YouTube videoNew World: Chart Your Fate Trailer

Digging into the detail, the New World open beta uses Steam's new playtest feature, with servers available in North America, Europe, Australia and South America. It kicks off 3pm UK time on 9th September, and ends 8am UK time on 12th September.

"Open beta is an important test for our server infrastructure and will feature a higher server capacity than the closed beta, but will not represent the full server capacity available at launch," Amazon Games said. "Players may experience queue times during the open beta test."

There will be a progress wipe between open beta and launch, Amazon Games warned.