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New Tomb Raider to get motion controls?

Crystal Dynamics playing around with tech.

Crystal Dynamics has revealed to Eurogamer that it may incorporate motion controls into a future Tomb Raider game - perhaps even the one due out this summer.

"As with every studio which is on the cusp of this technology, we have it in house and we're looking at it, and we see some really exciting things from it," said brand director Karl Stewart, speaking to Eurogamer at the Game Developers Conference.

"I'm a pretty firm believer in making the game right for the platform and the right controller," added creative director Daniel Neuburger. "I believe there is a Tomb Raider out there that can be done on the Wii, or with the Sony motion controller... Those are cool tools and people really do enjoy them, because you already have an intuition of how you manipulate things and what you can do. I can see a Tomb Raider being made for either that was really good."

Crystal Dynamics' next game, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, is currently in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Any chance it'll feature motion controls?

"Right now, we don't know," said Stewart. "Our goal is to get the game out of the door and make it as good as we can. Bringing in things like co-op and isometric viewpoints is something we have never done before in this franchise, so we want to get that right first."

But with summer not far off, hadn't they better get a move on if motion controls are to feature? "You're right, the decision will have to be made soon. But it doesn't have to be made right now," said Stewart.

"It's a question of never say never. If we come back in three weeks' time and one of our tech guys is going, 'Look at what this can do,' and if we go, 'Wow, this is exciting! This works!', then great. But right now, we're all about making this game turn out as best as it possibly can."

For more from Stewart and Neuburger, check out our full Guardian of Light preview later today.

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