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New Red Orchestra game confirmed

Heroes of Stalingrad now three years along.

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Tripwire Interactive has confirmed a new Red Orchestra game is on the way.

Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad is being unveiled in the new issue of PC Gamer, which is news to the people making it.

"Frankly, we're more than a bit surprised at the timing of the release of the article," writes president Ramm Jaeger on the Tripwire forum. "To put it quite bluntly we thought this would hit after the release of Killing Floor."

Jaeger declined to offer any more details, other than saying Tripwire has been working on the game for the "past three years" and that it's "awesome".

However, Kotaku reports the game will offer a single-player campaign based around the Battle of Stalingrad, complete with squad command features, plus a 10-player co-op mode similar to the Terrorist Hunt featured in Rainbow Six.

A release date has yet to be announced.

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