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New Pac-Man on XBLA

Fresh mazes and everything.

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Today's Live Arcade offering is a championship edition of Pac-Man featuring the first new mazes in more than 26 years. (On a related note, we've got a competition running to give copies away, along with Live subscriptions and cameras. Ooh.)

But back to the story - in Championship Edition, the mazes have been redesigned to fit today's high-definition displays, you see, and have thicker walls to suit high-speed pellet gobbling. They'll even change as you play, adding a new and dynamic challenge.

It's this competitive side of Pac-Man, brought out most recently by the hunt for the world's best player, that forms the basis of this Championship Edition.

There's six new game modes to get stuck into, each with a time limit between five and ten minutes. There's a patience and reward scenario that strategically offers less pellets, and a darkness course that only lights the area around Pac-Man. You can also zip around a super high-speed course in Freeway mode, or traverse Manhattan in a replication of the street map. Or, if you can't decide on one of those, there's a mix-and-match of each in The Overall Course.

On top of all that, you can expect updated graphics, leaderboards, and the usual assortment of 200 Gamerpoints.

Pac-Man is game about giant alien zombies that attacked the Earth when dinosaurs were alive, prompting numerous scientific studies resulting in Vidal Sassoon hair care.

Pac-Man Championship Edition will cost you 800 Microsoft points. Or nothing, if you win our competition.

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