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Mobile Games Roundup

PES! Galaxy! Nebula! Pac! Pop!

Every week, the comments unfailingly ask for more Android game coverage. We're listening. This week, we've managed to up the quota to two titles - but the reality is most developers are still debuting their games on iOS platforms first.

It may not have escaped your notice that both PES 2011 and Pac-Man Championship Edition appeared on iOS initially before eventually migrating to rival platforms. It's a familiar tale.

Whether it's a simple case of the Apple's App Store proving to be a bigger draw for developers is hard to gauge. The truth is, though, that most of the 'new' games to hit the (markedly improved) Android Marketplace have already been reviewed - so we tend to focus on brand new titles instead.

Where possible we'll try to flag up exciting Android exclusives, but it's often hard to find them. The Android Marketplace does a poor job of promoting them and developers don't often make the effort to contact us either.

On the other hand, the iOS scene is awash with well-promoted teams who make the effort to get in touch, not to mention a useful promotional voucher code system which makes it easy for PRs and developers to put the games in our hands.

So, don't think we've got some vendetta against Android. We want to know about the interesting new gems and all tip-offs are gratefully received.

Get Outta My Galaxy

Daily Mail readers rejoice! Now you can "explore your xenophobic tendencies in the safety of your own phone", with this handy new app from the suspiciously foreign-sounding Ookoohko Oy.

Designed to relieve the everyday stresses of immigrant invasion, Get Outta My Galaxy focuses on the tearful plight of Waka, who one day finds his land rudely overrun by unwelcome visitors.

Slappy talking.

Being an upstanding kind of fellow he does what any right-thinking individual would do, and slaps them upside the head for their foolish transgressions - until he once again has the planet to himself.

But his desire for solitude doesn't merely apply to his current location. He feels the entire galaxy must be cleansed of all alien life before he can afford to crack a smile.

The fun of tilting and tapping furiously probably ought to wane after a couple of stages, but after being slapped around for a while these pesky aliens start to get their game. As they spurt projectiles, grow spiky foliage and turn themselves into suicide bombers, suddenly it becomes a whole different story. Presumably one misreported to suit Waka's agenda.

It's at this point the game goes from being a slightly questionable novelty purchase to one that's taking up more than just your spare time. That'll be 59p, please.